The institution is affiliated to CUSAT & KTU and offers the follwoing B.Tech. & M.Tech. courses.




M.Tech. (Annual intake - 24 per branch)

Duration of the course

  1. B.Tech Degree shall be awarded after the successfull completion of four academic years as prescribed in the curriculum.
  2. The academic curriculum is as follows:

    • The first two semesters will be combined together as first year, and the remaining three years shall be split into six semesters. Examinations will be conducted at the end of year/semester in subjects prescribed in the respective scheme of examinations.
    • The teaching programme for each semester shall consist of 15 weeks and the first year shall consist 30 weeks.
    • The course work shall follows the academic callender issued by the university for odd and even semesters from time to time.

    B.Tech Regulation (CUSAT)