Disciplinary code


  1. Students are expected to maintain a very high order of discipline. No effort shall be spared to conduct themselves at all times, at all places , and on all occasions in manner worthy of students of a course which is to lead them to high responsibility in the future.
  2. The college properties should be handled with maximum care and everything possible should be done to preserve the cleanliness, and tidiness of the building, furniture, library and the premises.
  3. Students who happen to have no classes are not allowed to loiter in the verandas during class hours.
  4. Every student shall provide himself with the entire prescribed text book, drawing instruments, and accessories and such other articles, required for the classroom work.
  5. Students are not expected to enter the class, clad in dhotis. They should strictly follow the prescribed college dress code. If students are forced to come to the class clad in dhotis, they should get a prior permission of the concerned staff member before entering the class. Ladies students should take care to tuck their hair while working in the workshop and laboratories.
  6. Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited in the college according to the directions of the Govt. of India. Penalty measures to those found guilty of ragging will extend up to immediate expulsion from the college.

Leave Rules for Students

  1. All students are, in general, required to attend 100% classes.
  2. Attendance shall be counted only after the registration procedures.
  3. Absence from classes without leave is an act of indiscipline.
  4. Leave applications should be submitted to the class tutor and will be sanctioned by HoD, if recommended.
  5. Leave application should be submitted before taking the leave and in exceptional cases, on the day of joining after leave.
  6. Sanctioned leave applications will be filed by the class tutor concerned.
  7. Duty leave will be restricted to a maximum of 5 days in one semester.
  8. Duty leave requests are to be forwarded by the concerned staff member in charge through class tutor to obtain the sanction of HoD.
  9. All leaves of absence, sanctioned within the college, for genuine reasons including medical reasons shall be limited to 25% of the total number of hours of academic work for every semester.
  10. If the actual attendance in the classroom is below 75% and if the candidate had applied for leave and got leave sanctioned( for the entire period of absence) at the time of absence, his/her application for condonation will be forwarded to the University, provided the actual attendance in the class is at least 70%.
  11. Absence from the classes without leave sanctioned by the HoD will not be considered for any kind of condonation.
  12. Leave application for periods beyond a week will be sanctioned only by the Principal.

Rules regarding Attendance

  1. Every candidate is required to secure a minimum of 75% attendance in aggregate to be eligible for appearing for the University Examinations.
  2. Candidate having shortage of attendance up to a maximum of 10% are eligible to seek condonation by applying in the prescribe format, which is made available by th CUSAT.
  3. A student cannot avail condonation for more than two times during the entire duration of the course.
  4. It shall be open to the Vice-Chancellor to grant condonation of shortage in attendance up to 10%based on the recommendatin of the Principal.
  5. Those who are having shortage of attendance and not eligible for condonation shall repeat the respective semester at the next available chance, and meet the minimum requirement.
  6. Students are required to wear the uniforms prescribed by the College while attending classes/laboratories.

Duty leaves

  1. Duty leave will be granted for approved curricular and extra curricular activities of the College.
  2. Duty leave sanctioned will be counted for attendance, subject to the condition that a student shall be physically present for a minimum of 60% of the total working periods.
  3. Application for Duty Leave must be made in the prescribed form, duly recommended by the staff member in charge of the concerned activity and the tutor and submitted to the H.O.D.
  4. Application for Duty Leave shall be made preferred before the dates for which leave is applied for and in any case within five working days and submitted to the H.O.D. within 10days after the end of the leave
  5. The tutor can first endorse applications if the staff member in charge of the concerned activity is not immediately available and recommendation of the staff member can be obtained later.
  6. Late application for duty leave will not be considered


Designed by Abhijith P (2008-'12 Batch)