Student's Dress Code

The students are required to wear in following uniform/dress.

B.Tech student's uniform

Pants - Gray
Shirt - White full sleave(to be tucked)
Tie - Red with stripes (provided by college)
Blazer - Navy blue (double breasted blazer for girls)
Shoes - Black
Sox - Gray / Black

  • Students are to be in the uniform whenever they are in the College
  • They are exempted form wearing the uniform on Friday only, if they are going to or coming from home. However they must wear proper normal dress as follows, if they do not adhere to uniform.

  • They boy students must be properly dressed with shirt (fully tucked inside the pants), fully buttoned except for the neck.
  • The girl students must be properly dressed in 3 piece Churidar.
  • Students are barred from using jeans and T-Shirts.

NB: Students can wear the above mentioned normal dress; if they prefer; on days of University Examinations.

The ID Card should be displayed on all working days for entering the campus.